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Girl playing on the Baby Driver Boho large playmat.
Large Playmats
Baby sitting on Baby Driver Boho playmat. Side A has a neutral boho pattern.
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Baby playing with wooden gym on the Baby Driver Boho Round playmat. Side A has a neutral boho pattern.
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Girl playing on the Baby Driver Boho large playmat.
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Crafted from high quality PU foam, free from nasty chemicals

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Baby Driver Boho Large Playmat
326 reviews
  • $199.00AUD
  • $179.00AUD

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Archie/Baby Driver Large Playmat
58 reviews
  • $185.00AUD


Forrest/Grey Large Playmat
118 reviews
  • $199.00AUD
  • $185.00AUD


Baby Driver/Boho Small Playmat
62 reviews
  • $110.00AUD
  • $95.00AUD
Candylab Toys

Nostalgic wooden toys with a refreshing modern twist


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The Best Baby Play Mats in Australia

Grace & Maggie creates the most functional baby play mats available. We love using eco friendly materials to create soft and safe play mats your little one will love. Explore our collection and shop online now.

Play Mat Collections

Grace & Maggie’s range of eco friendly play mats are free of nasty chemicals. Our play mats feature a stylish designer rug pattern on one side and a whimsical fun design on the reverse. This is why our baby play mats have become a playroom favourite.

When their skin is at its most sensitive, these play mats provide the perfect base to play, learn and grow. View our range below and find the perfect design for your shared space.

Safe & Ultra-Soft Play Mats

Crafted from high-quality TPU foam, free from nasty chemicals, our play mats are designed to grow with your family.

We believe the combination of materials and design have allowed us to create the very best padded play mat in Australia. We’re passionate about providing a non-toxic, chemical-free play mat for little ones and families.

If you care about protecting the environment and choosing an non-toxic alternative to PVC or EVA foam, then Grace & Maggie kid’s play mats are the best choice.

Beautiful Designs to Explore

Our baby floor mats offer an array of unique designs, patterns and colours. Whatever your interior style, these mats will be the perfect match with their subtle tones and clever designs.

We’ve partnered with creators and designers to create play rugs that complement your home.

Artist Patricia Braune’s Amalfi Lines collection offers delicate lace geometric designs, with an intricate range of embroidered stitching. On the reverse, you’ll find a minimal track design to ensure they are only limited by their imagination.

We stock more minimalist play mats including our geometric designs you’ll be sure to love. From soft pastel tones to minimal grey baby play mats, you’ll find the perfect addition to any nursery or play space.

Candylab Toys

Found the perfect play mat? Now, why not treat your little one to some lovely toys too! Candylab Toys are classic wooden toys with a refreshingly modern twist.

From ice cream trucks and school buses to family cars and campers, Candylab creates the cutest selection of toy cars. Crafted from walnut and beech, these sold wooden toys deliver a true sense of nostalgia.

If you’re searching for something a little different, then you’ll love Candylab Toys! Explore the entire collection at Grace & Maggie and add your favourites to your baby play mat order for combined shipping.

Our Mission

At Grace & Maggie, our goal is to create beautiful, eco friendly baby play mats that stand the test of time. Perfect for everyday use, our mats will become the centrepiece to your play space.

Cleaning and maintenance couldn’t be simpler. Just wipe your baby floor mat down with a damp cloth and soapy water. Spills and accidents are a breeze with our waterproof play mats.

Because of their contemporary designs, our play mats double as area rugs in playrooms and living spaces. From tummy time, to yoga your space will stay looking chic and stylish.

Delivery & Availability

Please note that our foam play mats often sell out within weeks and sometimes on the day of restocking. Our bestselling items, including our Baby Driver mat, sold at second release in just 45 minutes.

So be sure to keep track of our play mat stock. You can stay up to date by signing up to our mailing list or register for an email or sms alert.

Play Mat Australia - FAQs

What are the benefits of using baby playmats?

Baby playmats provide a soft area for your baby to explore and allow them to practise their motor skills. They also provide cushioning against hard floors and help keep dust, dirt, and mess away from other surfaces. Baby playmats also give babies sensory stimulation with bright colours, patterns, and textures.Β 

Moreover, baby playmats can be used for tummy time activities and to keep toddlers entertained with puzzles and games. Baby floor mats also provide a safe area for your child to explore without worrying about rolling off of furniture or getting too close to dangerous objects. Finally, baby mats can even help babies learn faster as playing on baby floor mats can help improve their visual and motor skills.

What should I look for when choosing a play mat in Australia?

When considering baby floor mats or soft mats, you should look for ones that are made from high-quality materials such as a non-toxic foam play mat or a padded floor mat made of fabric. You'll also want to make sure the size of the non-toxic play mat is suitable for your child and the space you have available.Β 

Additionally, consider purchasing a kids mat that has multiple uses such as being able to be used as a flat surface, some large playroom mats can even be folded into a tent shape. Finally, when choosing a kids mat, opt for a brightly coloured design with stimulating features to keep your baby engaged and entertained with imaginative play.Β 

How do I clean my baby playing mat?

You can clean your baby playing mat by vacuuming up any dust or crumbs and spot-cleaning with a damp cloth. For tougher stains, use a mixture of mild detergent and warm water.Β 

Make sure to avoid harsh detergents as they may damage the material. Never submerge your baby playing mat in water for cleaning, instead just use a lightly dampened cloth.Β 

Allow the baby playing mat to air dry before putting it away or using it again. Additionally, you can occasionally sanitise soft mats with household disinfectants that are safe for baby products such as Lysol Disinfectant Spray.

Are play mats safe for babies?Β 

Baby play mats are generally considered safe provided they are made from non-toxic materials and kept clean. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions when setting up and using your baby play mat in order to ensure safety.Β 

Additionally, it is a good idea to check for any defects or loose pieces before letting your baby explore the baby play mat. Make sure you also periodically inspect the padded play mat for any tears or as these can pose a choking hazard.Β 

Furthermore, always keep an eye on your baby when they are playing on the padded floor mat to make sure that they do not put small parts of it in their mouth. Finally, always make sure your baby is never left unsupervised on a play mat.

Are play mats easy to store?

Yes, most play mats in Australia are designed for easy storage and can be folded up into a compact size, even large playroom playmats.Β 

Additionally, most foam play mats come with their own storage bag, making them even more convenient to take on the go. However, you should always check the manufacturer's instructions as some playmats may require special care when storing.Β 

Finally, make sure to store your mat in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight or other sources of heat. This will help keep it in good condition for longer periods of time.

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