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How Do I Flatten My Playmat?

Help! My Mat Won’t Flatten!

If the corners of the mat are curling or there are deep creases in your play mat never fear! Sometimes our mats can be a little stubborn due to having been rolled in position for packaging. Simply follow these easy steps for flattening curled edges.

Step 1: Reverse Roll: Roll your mat tightly in the reverse direction. It’s best to have an extra set of hands to ensure the mat is rolled tightly enough.

Step 2: Use your straps to fasten and hold overnight.

Step 3: Unroll your mat and let it rest on a hard surface. Any creases will flatten naturally with use.

How Do I Store My Playmat?

Please note: the straps are Velcro so please don't cut them :) They're so handy to hang on to if you'd like to pack it away or for easy transport.

How do I clean my Grace & Maggie Playmat?

Shake it off outside and/or wipe clean with a damp cloth or gentle baby wipe (water wipes are recommended). If you’re not sure if your cleaner is gentle, a good indicator is if it’s deemed to be okay on your skin, it’s okay on the playmat.  Avoid sharp objects, direct sunlight, strong cleaning products, bleach and heat sources. Do not allow shoes on the mat as stones or other sharp objects will damage the play mat and carry unwanted germs.  Avoid placing heavy furniture on your playmat as some indentations may not recover. Do not use any strong cleaning agents as prolonged use may damage/ discolour the mat. 



What are Grace & Maggie Play Mats Made From?

Made from next generation thick non-toxic TPU foam material, our mats have been extensively tested to ensure they surpass International Toy Safety Standards. Some playmats on the market are constructed using PVC or Vinyl. Although it is quite a strong material, PVC  is made using a toxic cocktail of materials that could put your little ones at risk from exposure to lead, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hormone-disrupting chemicals like phthalates.

This would be something I avoid with kids and babies. We have noticed companies who sell these products have removed PVC from their website description. We recommend asking if in doubt, as we understand the safety of your family is always a priority. 

Our products are made from biodegradable materials therefore they will break down over time as they haven't been preserved with harsh chemicals. For this reason,  the lighter toned playmats may present with slight discolouration or yellowing of the outer edges where they have been pressed.   We pride ourselves on the sustainability of our products, however want to ensure that the buyer is made aware of this pre-purchase as it is not a fault but a characteristic of the product.  

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