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Our designer playmats create a safe, stylish and functional play space in the heart of your home.

You’ll love how thick and soft our playmats feel, and how easy they are to keep clean.  

When you choose one of our eco-friendly mats, you can rest assured that you have purchased a safe and environmentally friendly product for your family. 

Our mats are created from high quality TPU foam, and are free from nasty chemicals like BPA and PVC. Unlike traditional PVC mats, ours are biodegradable and have surpassed international toy safety standards. 
Our mats are perfect for tummy time, messy play and snack time. The whole family will love using this mat whether it be for play, at home workouts or the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot!


As the mother of an adventurous toddler, I have become more and more aware of the importance of creating a safe play space in our home. Traditional playmats are fabulous and practical, however the primary colours really impose on the look of a room and really didn't suit our home. 
After a couple of months of having to pack away the playmat as it didn't suit our shared space, I decided to get creative and design my own. My goal was to create a design that was both aesthetically pleasing and functional, so I could leave it out and it would be ready when we needed it. After extensive comparisons, the eco-friendly, non-toxic option was the only choice and I’m so pleased to have found a soft, luxurious material that is kind to the environment and future generation friendly.
Our mats have been independently tested for safety and surpass international safety standard so they're perfect for tummy time and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin which is a bonus. 
My professional background is in Community Services and I had been employed in the sector for around 15 years. I remain passionate about giving back and wanted to ensure that I had the opportunity to continue to support vulnerable children in the industry I chose to pursue .  

As the creator of Grace & Maggie, I remain extremely passionate about social justice and philanthropy with relation to supporting children who are disadvantaged around the world.  

Grace & Maggie are officially UNICEF Champions for Children since March 2019. 
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Unicef Champion for Children
 I really hope you love our playmats as much as we do and thank you for your ongoing support.
Laura xox

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