Playmat Size Guide: Which Size Playmat Is Best For Me?

Looking for a playmat, but you arent sure what size to get?

Our guide shows the different sized playmats and how they might fit in a bedroom or loungeroom. 


Grace & Maggie Playmat Sizing Guide

We have three different sizes of playmats; 

  • Round 140cm diameter
  • Small 140cm x 100cm
  • Large 200cm x 140cm
size guide for playmats australia

Grace & Maggie Playmat sizes


ROUND (1.4m diameter)

small round playmat size

Grace & Maggie Round Playmat 140 centimeters in diameter

Elevate your nursery or child's bedroom with our stylish Round Playmat, measuring a generous 1.4m in diameter. 

Featuring beautifully illustrated designs in a soft neutral color palette, this playmat effortlessly complements any decor and doubles as the perfect backdrop for capturing milestone photos with your bundle of joy.

Lightweight and portable, it can be rolled up for outdoor picnics and play (just avoid direct sunlight). 

The round shape makes it an ideal choice for nurseries, kids' bedrooms, and homes with limited space, providing a safe environment for your baby to explore and play right in your lounge room. 

SMALL (140cm x 100cm) 

small baby playmat

Grace & Maggie Small Playmat 140 x 100 centimeters 

Introducing our Australian-designed Small Playmat. Measuring 140cm x 100cm, this playmat is crafted with eco-conscious materials, making it the go-to gift for expectant parents. 

Ideal for tummy time, nappy-free kicks, and fitting under activity play gyms. 

As your baby grows, use it to protect your floors under the highchair. Featuring a water-resistant surface, it effortlessly handles baby dribbles and spills. 

Wipe away messes with a damp cloth, sparing you the worry of stains or time spent cleaning.

LARGE (200cm x 140cm)

large playmat size guide

Grace & Maggie Large Playmat 200 x 140 centimeters 

Our roomiest luxe playmat, measuring a generous 200cm x 140cm, offers endless possibilities for both little ones and parents alike. 

It provides ample space for your baby to conquer crucial milestones, from crawling to those tentative first steps. We understand the importance of safety, which is why we've designed this mat with a substantial 1.5cm shock-absorbent foam core, ensuring your child can play freely without the worry of bumps and bruises. 

But it's not just for the little ones; this large mat is a versatile addition to your day to day life. In a playroom, children can engage in crafts and playdough sessions, knowing that the mat's surface is easily wiped clean, leaving it looking as good as new. 

Invest in our large playmat for a multifunctional, stylish, and child-friendly addition to your home.


Why larger playmats are great

larger sized playmat

Grace & Maggie Large Playmat 

Large playmats, like our Archie/Baby Driver Large Playmat, offer a multitude of benefits. Firstly, they are perfect for bigger babies and those on the move, providing plenty of space for play and exploration. 


But their advantages go beyond that – these larger playmats are designed to simplify messy and sensory play. Whether it's mud, slime, sand, jelly, or bubbles, you can let your little one indulge in serious sensory fun without worrying about the cleanup. Simply wipe up the mess.


Additionally, these playmats are incredibly versatile. Take them with you on outdoor adventures for a handy playmat in the park or wherever you go. 


Why smaller playmats are great

small playmat size

Grace & Maggie Small Playmat 

Small playmats, like our Forrest/Grey Small Playmat, offer a world of convenience for parents and their little ones. 


Designed with the tiniest members of the family in mind, these playmats are tailor-made for nappy-free time, providing a comfortable and hygienic surface for babies to explore. What makes them truly outstanding is their portability – effortlessly foldable and perfect for popping into a nappy bag, they double as a handy on-the-go changing mat or playmat, making outings so much easier.


These playmats become invaluable during the toilet training phase, whether it's safeguarding furniture or adding an extra layer of protection to the crib or bed.


Playmats are a must-have for modern parenting. Small playmats offer big solutions, making daily routines smoother and providing a clean and cozy space for your little one to thrive.


Why round playmats are great

round playmat

Grace & Maggie Round Playmat 

Round baby playmats offer a fun twist on traditional rectangular options. Their unique shape not only adds a touch of style to nursery decor but also serves practical purposes. 


The round design encourages babies to explore 360 degrees, stimulating their spatial awareness and motor skills from all angles. These playmats provide generous space for infants to roll, crawl, and engage in tummy time, fostering their physical development. 


Round playmats are versatile, suitable for various activities, and will easily adapt as your child grows. Whether used as a comfortable surface for play, a cozy spot for bonding, or a stylish backdrop for photos, these playmats make a popular choice in modern nurseries.


Playmat sizing for a bedroom

bedroom sizing guide for a playmat

Playmat in a bedroom room with a single bed for size

When choosing what sized playmat is best for your child’s bedroom you need to consider space available, layout and functionality. Measure out the available space in your desired room and have a think about how much of that space you want to dedicate to a play area. 


Small room (less than 3m x 3m): In smaller bedrooms, a smaller round or rectangle playmats would be a better choice to avoid overcrowding. 


If the room is very small then the small playmat could easily go flat against the wall or even tuck under the bed to be brought out for playtime. 

Average room (approx 3m x 3m): You could go for any of the three options with an average sized room, if you wanted to make them a statement piece then place them in the center of the room, if not then the smaller round and rectangle mats will go nicely in the corner by a bookshelf. The large playmat is great for allowing the child to have lots of room to move, though might not work functionally in an average sized room if there is a lot of furniture already.


Large room (greater than 3m x 3m): For a spacious room, the large rectangular playmat, would fit easily and allow for plenty of space to play. The small rectangle or round play mats would be great for a play corner if the room is already filled with larger furnishings. 


Playmat sizing for a living room

living room sizing guide

Playmat in a living room with a corner couch for size


When selecting the right sized playmat for your living room, make sure that it comfortably fits within the available floor space, ensuring easy access to seating areas and avoiding any sense of overcrowding. Keep it away from any furniture with edges to avoid any accidents from kids learning to walk. 


Round playmat: Great for any sized living room as it is smaller in size. Its round shape is unique and will provide 


Small rectangle playmat: A compact rectangular playmat is equally well-suited to various living spaces. 


Its straight-edged design lends it versatility, allowing for placement next to a couch, at the center of the room, or in a dedicated play corner, neatly surrounded by toys boxes and furnishings. 


Large playmat: A spacious playmat is an excellent choice for an average to large living room, given its need for ample space. In an average-sized living room with a coffee table, it's advisable to position the playmat against a wall to optimize room flow. 


However, in the absence of a coffee table, the playmat can take center stage as a striking centerpiece, maximizing its utility and aesthetic impact in the space.

Thinking of getting two mats? 

rug under playmat

If you’re planning on getting two for side by side we actually recommend just getting one and placing it over a rug or jute mat.

It looks nicer in a styled space (not that we are trying to talk ourselves out of a sale but you’re better off popping a second mat in another area).



Do you have a question about your Grace & Maggie Playmat? Feel free to email us.


Written by Laura Agrimi, mother of 2 and owner of Grace & Maggie.

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