Hate Tummy Time? Learn to Love Tummy Time with a Mirror



Mirrors are an excellent addition to tummy time as they aid in babies development and can be used as a tool to entertain and engage them. 




Using mirrors during tummy time benefits babies development in several ways;

  • They enhance visual development by tracking movement in the reflection. 
  • They promote physical growth by encouraging movements like lifting the head and pushing up.
  • They support early language development as babies may interact with their reflection through babbling and vocalisations.

Incorporating mirrors into tummy time makes it both a crucial developmental activity and an enjoyable experience for babies and caregivers alike.



The mirror test, sometimes known as the mark test, is a special way to see if babies understand themselves.

Here's how it works…

Someone puts a tiny red mark on a baby's nose -this could be baby-safe paint or an edible puree- as they stand in front of a mirror.

If the baby touches the mirror, it means they don't realise that the reflection is themselves. But if they touch the red mark on their nose when they see it in the mirror, it shows that they understand it's their own reflection.

This is a big deal in a baby's development because it means they're becoming aware of themselves.

Usually, babies figure this out when they're about 2 years old. It's a sign of how they're growing and learning about the world around them. What a fun test to try out with your little ones!



Hate Tummy Time? Learn to Love Tummy Time with a Mirror

You might be wondering about the safety of incorporating mirrors into your baby's playtime, and the good news is that mirrors can be a safe and engaging addition to their environment. 

However, there are several important considerations when selecting a mirror for your baby's use;

The choice of material for the mirror is important. 

Avoid mirrors made from glass, as they can easily crack or shatter, posing a significant risk of injury to your baby.

Instead, opt for mirrors crafted from materials like acrylic or plexiglass. These materials are shatterproof, significantly reducing the risk of accidents. 

Moreover, they still offer the clarity and reflective properties of traditional glass mirrors, making them ideal for your baby's visual stimulation.

Beyond the mirror itself, it's important to consider the materials used in the mirror's construction. 

Ensure that any adhesives, chemicals, frames, or backings used in the mirror are baby-safe and non-toxic. 

Babies have a natural inclination to explore objects with their mouths, so selecting a mirror with non-toxic components helps safeguard their well-being during playtime.




The TumTime by Ollie & Isla is made from durable materials, this mirror is moveable, allowing for tummy time in a variety of settings and locations.

It's important to emphasise that supervision is essential during tummy time, ensuring your baby's safety as they engage with and explore this mirror. 

Fortunately, with this mirror's design and construction, you can have peace of mind knowing that it's been designed with your baby's well-being in mind. It’s sizeable, allowing for baby to see not only their own reflection, but to have an exceptional view of their surroundings. 

One of the standout features of this mirror is its sizeable design. Not only does it provide your baby with a clear view of their own reflection, but it also offers them an impressive perspective of their surroundings. When the mirror is positioned upright, it actively encourages your baby to lift their head. 

This simple yet effective action is instrumental in increasing their mobility and contributes to the development of their neck and upper body muscles.



Regular tummy time sessions are essential for promoting physical, cognitive, and motor development in babies. 

It helps strengthen their neck, shoulder, and core muscles, which are important for lifting the head, rolling over, crawling, and eventually walking. 

Tummy time also prevents flat head syndrome by reducing pressure on the back of the baby's head, as well as encourages visual development as babies explore their environment from a different angle and enhances their sensory and motor skills. 

Tummy time also aids in developing the muscles necessary for speech and swallowing. 




Enhancing tummy time for your baby involves starting early, keeping sessions short and frequent, providing a soft surface, making it a social activity, and always supervising for safety. 

Some great ways to make it more engaging are to; 

  • Change locations regularly to keep their environment stimulating, 
  • Singing songs or talking to them
  • Bring out bright, noisy toys to hold their attention





The TumTime is an awesome toy is made with your baby’s well-being in mind, and here are some of the ways we’ve crafted it to suit you:

  • Colour- The fun rainbow design is not only cute to look at, but the variety of colours provides visual stimulation to aid in appropriate mental development
  • Function- TumTime is made to last, as your little one gets older it can double as a window for flashcards and the wedge can be used as a stand for a tablet. Due to the removable mirror, the foam wedge can be a permanent addition to the baby’s play area
  • Safety- Made from non-toxic materials, TumTime is a safe sensory toy for your baby to use and explore 
  • Portable- TumTime is lightweight and crafted with a handle to allow for easy transport to new locations, whether this be between rooms or on a picnic in the park.
  • High quality- The soft vegan leather is not only durable but also a stylish addition to your home


Mirrors are invaluable tools during tummy time for babies, contributing to their development and providing entertainment. 

They aid in visual development by encouraging babies to track their reflections, promote physical growth through head-lifting and pushing up, and support early language development through interaction. 

TumTime is an incredible sensory toy that will be a spectacular addition to any baby playroom. 

Do you have a question about your Grace & Maggie Playmat or our TumTime mirror? Feel free to email us.


Written by Laura Agrimi, mother of 2 and owner of Grace & Maggie.

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