5 best gifts for a new mum

Looking for gift ideas for a new mum or mum-to-be? 

Too often we see pages flooded with itty bitty baby outfits and adorable stuffed animals and we get it, mollycoddling a baby is fun, it’s almost instinctive.

They’re squishy, teeny tiny and oh so cute.

But sometimes we tend to forget who the superhuman was that managed to grow and birth the centre of attention, and let's face it, it is she we should be spoiling.

The transition into motherhood can be terrifying. The whirlwind first few months with a newborn is a haze of sleepless nights and never-ending dirty nappies so the next time you pop by for a visit, gift her something that will make her new job title a little easier. 


So what are the top 5 gifts that you could give a new mum in Australia?

The gift of food

best gifts for the new mum

Everyone knows having a new bundle of joy in the house doesn’t leave much time or energy for cooking, grocery shopping or meal planning.

Alleviate the stress and say “Congratulations” by giving the gift of great, home-made meals delivered straight to her door by purchasing her a voucher for The Dinner Ladies

We think this may just go down as the BEST gift in history!


Peace of mind

the best gifts for the new mum - water bottle to stay hydrated

Remind the new mum to stay hydrated with The Mama Bottle, a water tracking bottle designed especially for pregnancy and postpartum.

It's easy to clean, dish-washer safe, ice-cube compatible, plus the lid handle makes it super easy to carry around when her hands are full. 

No more forgetting her daily water intake with this genius idea. Check out a few of our favourite Australian stockists: Lupa and Sol, Ted and Winnie's and The Memo


Physical self-care

self care or a massges gift for a new mum

Self care after giving birth is essential, I know it, you know it!

Acknowledge the fact that her body has just done something extraordinary and treat her to a safe and nurturing postnatal massage.

Consider booking a mobile massage service, like Qi Rhythm (based in Melbourne) if mum’s not ready to leave the newborn bubble just yet. Don't forget to offer to baby sit while she's being pampered. 


Pay for a cleaner

best gifts for a new mum washing service

Pay for a cleaner once a week for the first 6 weeks. Or just a one off would be oh so lovely! Housework is probably at the end of a new mums to-do list. Imagine how wonderful it would be to have the floors, bathrooms and kitchen properly cleaned and the beds freshly made. Sounds heavenly right?

We also love Laundry Lady for all our washing and ironing needs. They pick-up and deliver and are available in almost every state of Australia. A new mother's godsend perhaps?


Play it safe with a gift hamper

best gifts for new mums try a hamper

A beautifully presented basket of goodies filled with basic essentials, special treats, and a few added luxuries is sure to put a smile on her face.

Thoughtful and practical, she’ll love you for it! Make your own OR browse the gorgeous collection of hampers available at the Pamper House


To recap the best gifts ideas for new mums are;

  • food (premade, or a meal service)
  • something for mum, like a water tracking bottle
  • postnatal massage
  • a cleaner
  • a laundry service
  • a gift hamper


Gifts for new mums, the FAQs

Do I need to buy a gift for a new mum when I go and visit her?

No, it's totally your choice, in Australia it is not an expectation that you bring a gift for a new mum. But becoming a new mother is a life-changing event.

It can be an overwhelming experience that requires a lot of physical and emotional energy. During this time, many people focus on the needs of the baby and forget to acknowledge the mother's needs.

Buying a gift for a new mum is a way to show her that you care and are thinking about her during this exciting but challenging time. So a little something will no go unnoticed. 


How much should i spend on a gift for a new mum?

This is up to you. Between $15 - $200. This will depend on whether is it your BFF, a family member, or just a neighbour.

You could just make her something, like dinner for that night - or some snacks for when she is up in the night. One of my favourite gifts I was given was some breastfeeding cookies.

Not only was this great as they were cookies, but they were cookies that no one else in the house should be eating. They were all mine. So I had an excuse to eat them all myself. It probably only cost my friend $15 to make them. But boy, they were the best pressie.


When I visit a new mum, what can I do apart from buying her a gift?

Visiting a new mum can be really stressful for her. She is navigating a new life; feeding, cleaning, getting showered and dressed. All tricky with a baby now in tow.

So, to make her life easier;

  • Timing is important. Ask her what time works for her
  • Wait a bit. Don't come visiting in the first week (or even two or three)
  • Say "don't clean up", we dont want her running around worried that the house is a mess.
  • Tell her you will bring afternoon tea for you both, so she isn't worried that there is nothing to feed you and her other guests
  • You could even just start doing the dishes when you are there (if you don’t think this will offend her)
  • Bring her snacks - snacks are great for 2am feeds. eg Breastfeeding cookies or protein balls are great


Koala Pink Teether


So there you have it. With the run-up to Mother's Day, we've created the perfect list of gifts to buy the mums-to-be or new mums in your life. Gifts they'll not only love but appreciate. You can't magically give her a good night's rest, but these really are the next best thing. 


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