Kmart vs Target vs Big W vs Small Business for Tummy Time Mirrors

As parents navigate the tummy time baby mirrors on the market, the challenge lies in selecting the right one for their child. We will help you with the different Australian options. 

As babies grow, the introduction of tummy time is so important. Far beyond a routine exercise, tummy time is a cornerstone in the developmental journey of infants, allowing for the strengthening of muscles.

This simple practice is a catalyst for building the foundational strength in a baby's neck, shoulders, and arms – the very muscles that will empower them to conquer milestones like crawling and sitting up independently. It's a preventive measure too, guarding against the emergence of flat spots on the back of a baby's head, an outcome of prolonged periods spent lying on their back. 

The initiation of tummy time is not just a recommendation; it's a developmental roadmap that should commence shortly after birth, gradually extending the duration as the baby grows, always under vigilant supervision. Yet, the challenge lies in making this essential activity not only beneficial but also enjoyable and stimulating for your little one. 

To make tummy time engaging, and therefore extend the period of time your baby engages in tummy time, you can use toys or even mirrors. Mirrors in particular turn tummy time into an engaging experience for babies. 

Mirrors can captivate and stimulate infants, from encouraging them to lift their heads as they gaze at their reflections to fostering the development of visual, social, and emotional skills. 

Siblings can even get involved and make faces in the mirror for baby. They can also be used in different locations to further stimulate baby, and provide different sensory experiences to aid in development. 

Kmart - Tummy Time Mirror $12.00


The Kmart Tummy Time mirror is a sensory delight for your baby's development, with a burst of colour. This vibrant mirror features a crinkle border,, bright ribbons, and a collapsible stand for convenience. 


The playful sunshine in the corner adds a cheerful touch. Portable and engaging, it turns tummy time into a visually stimulating adventure, encouraging your baby's exploration and growth.



  • The tummy time mirror boasts a vibrant and visually stimulating design, filled with captivating colours and interesting patterns that effortlessly capture the attention of your baby during their developmental play.
  • Adding to its practicality, this mirror features a collapsible design, ensuring hassle-free packing and convenient storage. Its collapsible nature makes it an ideal companion for families on the move, allowing for easy transport and quick setup wherever tummy time may take place.


  • A noteworthy aspect is its collapsible design that, while advantageous in many ways, also makes it susceptible to being knocked over by the little explorer. 
  • Additionally, this tummy time mirror is slightly smaller compared to other mirrors of its kind. 

Target + Big W Bright Starts - Sit & See Safari Floor Mirror - $23


Introducing Bright Starts Sit & See Safari Floor Mirror, a sensory delight for your little one's exploration. This colourful mirror features crinkly leaves that engage your baby's senses and curiosity. On the front, adorable animals capture their attention, creating a visually stimulating environment for playtime. Watch as your baby discovers the world of textures and shapes, making every moment a delightful and enriching experience.


  • The Bright Starts Sit & See Safari Floor Mirror is generously sized, providing ample space for your baby's visual exploration during tummy time. 
  • Boasting a baby-safe design, this mirror prioritizes your little one's well-being.
  • The mirror folds flat for easy storage and transportation. Its foldable nature enhances convenience, making it a versatile accessory that can seamlessly adapt to various spaces and lifestyles.


  • Notably, the Bright Starts Sit & See Safari Floor Mirror is constructed from a material that is not glass, so it may bend or dent. 


Grace & Maggie - The TumTime - $89

tummy time mirror kmart big w target

Meet "The TumTime" by Ollie & Isla – the ultimate solution for babies who may not be enthusiasts of tummy time. With a neutral tone and a gentle pastel rainbow design, this mirror is crafted to create a calming and inviting space. 


The subtle colours provide a soothing and stylish environment, making it perfect for babies who may need a little extra encouragement during tummy time. Transform the routine into an enjoyable experience with The TumTime, designed to support your baby's development with a touch of tranquillity.



  • The neutral colouring of The TumTime makes it seamlessly blend with the interior of your house, ensuring it complements various design aesthetics.
  • It boasts gender-neutral characteristics, making it a versatile choice suitable for all babies, regardless of gender.
  • The gender neutral design also means the mirror can be kept and used for younger siblings
  • Designed for stability, this mirror is sturdy, minimizing the risk of the baby knocking it over during tummy time, and providing a safe and secure play environment.
  • The mirror's removable feature enhances its versatility, while the pocket's ability to accommodate an iPad adds a tech-friendly dimension, potentially offering additional visual stimuli for your baby during playtime. Flashcards can also be put into the pocket as the baby gets older, for educational play. 
  • For a multi-sensory experience, this mirror includes a rattle, stimulating your baby's auditory senses and adding an extra layer of engagement to their tummy time activities.
  • Transporting the mirror is made easy with the inclusion of a handle on the side, providing convenience for on-the-go families.


  • Distinguished by its commitment to eco-friendliness, The TumTime mirror  is crafted from vegan leather and non-toxic materials, aligning with sustainable practices and promoting a safe environment for your baby.
  • Emphasising its dedication to safety, this mirror is pediatrician-approved, offering parents reassurance that it meets stringent health and safety standards for their baby's well-being.

Overall, when selecting a tummy time mirror for your baby, prioritizing safety and adhering to pediatrician recommendations is paramount. Opt for mirrors that are specifically designed with your baby's well-being in mind, ensuring they meet the necessary safety standards.

You should also consider the practical aspects of your mirror choice. If you're a family on the go, choosing a mirror that is easily portable and travel-friendly can enhance the convenience of tummy time wherever you are.

Furthermore, choosing a mirror that complements your household aesthetic ensures that it not only serves a developmental purpose but also blends harmoniously into your living space.

By keeping these considerations in mind, you can enhance your baby's tummy time experience while seamlessly integrating it into your daily routine.


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Written by Laura Agrimi, mother of 2 and owner of Grace & Maggie.

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