Our Top Tips for Managing Art & Craft Mess at Home with Kids

Artistic expression plays a vital role in a child's development. It fosters creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills.

Encouraging children to engage in arts and crafts activities provides them with a multitude of benefits, allowing them to explore their ideas, emotions, and perceptions in a hands-on and enjoyable manner.

It is also great to develop fine motor skills.

Providing a designated space for these creative endeavours not only encourages a child's artistic growth but also helps to prevent mess and promote a sense of organization. 

While creativity should always be encouraged, it's no secret that artistic endeavours can sometimes result in a mess. This is why having a dedicated space for arts and crafts is crucial for keeping the house presentable. A designated area provides children with a sense of ownership and autonomy over their creative space.

It allows them to immerse themselves fully in their artistic activities without worrying about damaging other areas of the house or creating a disruption. Most importantly, having a space designated for arts and crafts promotes organization and tidiness, as children learn to clean up after themselves and take responsibility for their materials (that only happens once we teach them of course!).

This sense of order not only contributes to a more harmonious household but also teaches valuable life skills that extend beyond the realm of arts and craft

Don’t let them access everything at once… Less is more

top tips for managing craft mess

While it is important to encourage children's love of arts and crafts and provide them with these opportunities, it is equally crucial to exercise restraint when giving them access to art supplies.

Allowing unlimited access to art materials without any guidance or conditions can lead to wastefulness, potential hazards, and a lack of appreciation for the value of these resources (which can be costly).

By implementing age-appropriate limitations and supervising their use of art supplies, parents and caregivers can teach children the importance of responsible consumption, proper handling of materials, and the value of creativity within reasonable boundaries.

This approach fosters a sense of resourcefulness, encourages thoughtful decision-making, and ensures a safe and enjoyable artistic experience for children

Have a designated space for children to access materials

space for arts and crafts materials and managing the mess with kids at home

Having a designated space for children to access craft materials is crucial for several reasons. It provides a sense of organization and structure which children need in their environment.

It allows them to learn the importance of keeping the area clean and tidy and once they can be trusted to maintain the space then it gives them responsibility and independence. 

One project at a time 

art and craft space

One benefit is that you can teach your child to pack up materials after each project so that it doesn’t become overwhelming for them.

Another, is that by teaching children to focus on one arts and craft project at a time, we provide them with the opportunity to develop skills such as; concentration, planning, patience, attention to detail, and a sense of achievement.

By eliminating distractions and the temptation to jump between multiple projects, They learn to invest their time, effort, and creativity into one project and witness the satisfying outcome when they persevere and complete the task. These skills will continue benefiting children in various aspects of their personal and academic lives. 

Material storage options

TROfast Toy Storage

The TROfast toy storage series has convenient pull out boxes that are compact to maximise space and perfect for storing arts and craft supplies. It allows for category organisation.

For Example, one box can be for paper and activity books, another for paint supplies, stationary ect.

Labelling these categories also allows for quick and hassle-free retrieval of specific items, reducing clutter and saving valuable creative time.

This system also fosters a sense of order and enables children to learn where each item belongs, promoting independence and tidiness.


The Kmart 4-Tier Small Material Storage Box 

kmart storage for arts and crafts

This is an excellent tool for keeping your smaller art and craft materials neatly organized and easily accessible.

With its compact size, and tiered compartments, it provides a hassle-free and efficient storage solution for a variety of projects.

If your kids have materials such as pom poms, beads, string, ribbons, loose stickers, and many other small crafting supplies then this is the storage option you’ve been searching for. It could also be used for small and special lego pieces that may be difficult to find in a big storage box. 

Button Document Wallets

Our Top Tips for Managing Art & Craft Mess at Home with Kids

The Button Document Wallets are an ideal solution for organizing and storing loose sheets of paper, including colouring pages, stickers, and pictures.

These wallets are designed with convenience and functionality in mind, offering a practical way to keep your paper materials neatly organized and protected.

They are available in a range of vibrant colours, allowing you to colour code and categorize your different types of loose paper. This makes it easier to locate specific sheets when you need them, saving you time and effort. 

3 Tier Trolley

Our Top Tips for Managing Art & Craft Mess at Home with Kids

The 3-Tier Trolley is an excellent mobile craft station that provides convenience and organization for all your crafting essentials. With its multi-tiered design, this trolley offers ample storage space and easy accessibility for various craft supplies.

The top tier could be used for storing pencils, crayons and markers. In the second tier you could store glue, scissors, and paper. The bottom tier is specifically designed for painting materials.

This versatile trolley allows you to transport your craft materials effortlessly from one location to another, ensuring that everything you need is conveniently organized and readily available for your creative projects. 

Artwork storage 

Ikea Soesdala

Soesdala is a contemporary decorative piece that is great for displaying and rotating kids' artwork. With its modern style and wall-hanging functionality, it serves as a unique and visually appealing showcase for works in progress or finished masterpieces. By featuring a rotating display, Soesdala allows parents to continually exhibit their children's artwork, adding a touch of creativity and personalization to any space.


Ikea Risatorp

The versatile Risatorp basket from ikea provides an ideal storage solution for small pieces of artwork.. Additionally, it is well-suited for organizing activity books and various art supplies.

With its spacious design and durable construction, this basket ensures easy access and keeps artistic materials neatly organized in one convenient place


What to do with unfinished tasks

When faced with unfinished tasks, it's important to assess your child’s interest in continuing the project. If they no longer find it interesting there are multiple options to consider.

Discard/Donate: either throw away materials responsibly or donate them to a friend or charity so that someone else can use them. 

Store it for later: if the project still holds potential, store it for future revisiting.

Encourage your kids to take the lead: allow them to explore their creativity and decide how they want to repurpose the materials, giving them a chance to breathe new life into the project. This approach fosters imaginative thinking and empowers children to make their own creative choices.

What to do with old materials

There are various ways to repurpose old materials and give them new life. Consider creating collages using old paper or cutting them into squares for origami projects. 

Dress up popsicle sticks with paper clothes or use tissue paper for gift wrapping. If you no longer need the materials, consider donating or giving them away to someone who can make use of them. Another fun idea is to set up a craft station with these materials at a birthday party, allowing kids to unleash their creativity and enjoy the festivities. The possibilities are endless when it comes to repurposing and sharing old materials.

In conclusion, managing art and craft mess at home is essential for maintaining an organized and creative space. By implementing smart storage solutions, such as storage boxes, trolleys, and document wallets, you can keep art supplies neatly organized and easily accessible. 

Additionally, repurposing old materials and encouraging creative exploration can reduce waste and inspire new projects. By managing art and craft mess effectively, we can create a harmonious environment that nurtures creativity while keeping our homes tidy and functional.


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Written by Laura Agrimi, mother of 2 and owner of Grace & Maggie.

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